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SS&C Announces Release of CAMRA Workspace
Mar 19, 2014

WINDSOR, Conn., March 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:SSNC), a global provider of financial services software and software-enabled services, today announced the release of CAMRA Workspace™, the newest version of its leading investment operations platform.

CAMRA Workspace brings a new powerful and interactive front-end menu that introduces new tools to enrich the user experience. New menus enable access to CAMRA programs and there is a variety of tools and resources for both day-to-day users and Administrators. Enhanced features include user-specific statistics, additional information on exception queues and other statistics, along with the ability to configure a list of user-created Crystal® reports which launch from the CAMRA menu.

"CAMRA Workspace incorporates the suggestions our customers have made for improving their day-to-day CAMRA experience. Our customers will see key changes in CAMRA's look and feel, as well as enhancements to how they navigate within the platform," said Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies. "This new release has a single goal—to make our customers more productive than ever before."

CAMRA's worldwide client base manages over US$1.7 trillion in assets across a wide range of asset classes. The development of CAMRA emphasizes the importance of SS&C's ongoing dialogue with clients and underscores SS&C's commitment to the asset management industry.

About SS&C Technologies

SS&C is a global provider of investment and financial software-enabled services and software focused exclusively on the global financial services industry. Founded in 1986, SS&C has its headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut and offices around the world. Some 6,900 financial services organizations, from the world's largest institutions to local firms, manage and account for their investments using SS&C's products and services. These clients in the aggregate manage over $26 trillion in assets.

Additional information about SS&C (Nasdaq:SSNC) is available at www.ssctech.com.

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         Patrick Pedonti

         Chief Financial Officer

         Tel: +1-860-298-4738

         E-mail: InvestorRelations@sscinc.com


         Justine Stone

         Investor Relations Coordinator

         Tel: +1- 212-367-4705

         E-mail: InvestorRelations@sscinc.com

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Patrick Pedonti 
Chief Financial Officer, SS&C Technologies 
Tel: 1-860-298-4738 
E-mail: InvestorRelations@sscinc.com

Justine Stone Investor, Relations, SS&C Technologies
Tel: 1- 212-367-4705
E-mail: InvestorRelations@sscinc.com

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